Copper Planters Offer Diversity for Outdoor Spaces

What Better Way to Show Your Taste – Use Copper Planters for All Your Outdoor Needs!
Got ice? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to hold it.

Got beer? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to keep ‘em chilled.

Got fireworks? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to hang on to them.

Got fresh summer fruit? BackyardBargain.com has . . . well, you’ve got the idea!

Copper planters are beautiful and useful. Not just for your favorite greenery anymore, BackyardBargain.com encourages its customers to take full advantage of these diverse containers.

“One woman bought a dozen copper planters in different sizes for her outdoor wedding,” said Rajan Shah, BackyardBargain.com’s V.P.Operations. “She used them to hold live gardenias, disposable cameras, even cards on the gift table. And she’s just as excited about using them in her own garden after the wedding because she likes them so much!”

A dozen copper planters may be a few too many for your yard, so BackyardBargain.com recommends starting with one or two planters. If you’re not confident in your decorating skills start by using them as planters. Then, as you enjoy them in your outdoor space, let your imagination go.

Need a bird bath in that corner? Let’s use the copper planter! Oh, the family’s coming – put the kids’ yard toys in that other copper planter. How about chilling Uncle Joe’s lemonade in the other copper planter?

BackyardBargain.com’s copper planters are available in three styles: fluted square, round and flared square. The unfinished copper will develop a beautiful patina over time, or can be polished to retain its natural color.

The best part of using copper planters in your landscaping scheme? When the weather turns cold they can huddle beside you inside, still holding your favorite plants, magazines, beverages . . . .

Decorative Pillows – Not Just A Soft Landing Place Anymore!

Decorative Pillows Have Moved Beyond Basics to Challenge Your Imagination.

You know the type: still not grown up enough to actually invest in furniture, you sit on a pillow on the floor when you stop by – if you’re lucky enough to get the one pillow. Yeah. Great!

But do you know this type? The decorative pillow on the floor looks really inviting, so you move out of the overstuffed chair and onto the pillow. Better yet, you move on to the pile of decorative pillows!

Decorative pillows are finally getting front stage in designers’ eyes, and BackyardBargain.com offers a selection that won’t disappoint.

Once left to highlight the colors in the couch fabric, decorative pillows are now so creative, functional and beautiful that they’re the centerpieces in rooms. And BackyardBargain.com has many styles, shapes, colors, fabrics and trim available. Whether you already know what you want or haven’t thought about it before, it won’t take long to find several decorative pillows you’ll want to have from their wide selection.

“We just want to offer easy decorating ideas to our customers,” said Rajan Shah, BackyardBargain.com’s V.P.Operations. “Decorative pillows are a quick, easy way to change a room. Kind of like adding a necklace or tie to your outfit.”

BackyardBargain.com has decorative pillows in several shapes and sizes: 12x18” rectangles, 18” squares, 7x15” bolsters and even a round rosette. Do you want a warm, cozy color, or a bright, lively one? Tassels and trim are lots of fun and BackyardBargain.com has a wide variety of decorative pillows to choose from.

Take advantage of this great selection of decorative pillows to add some “wow” to your decorating schemes. BackyardBargain.com has pillows for everyone’s imagination!


Curtain Rods – One of the Best Selections at One of the Newest Site

BackyardBargain.com’s line of decorative curtain rods is impressive for a new online retailer.

As one of the newest retailers of decorative curtain rods, BackyardBargain.com is quickly becoming one of the most popular curtain rod sites. One of the reasons, says BackyardBargain.com’s V.P.Operation Rajan Shah, is their pricing.

“On average, our prices are half as much as typical retailers,” said Shah. “Combined with our wide variety of product that’s translating into a lot of repeat customers.”

BackyardBargain.com handles each product from idea through manufacture and right up to the customer’s front door. Because of this innovative business model, this new online retailer is able to save customers more money on their wide variety of decorative curtain rods.

And they’re not kidding when they say variety. BackyardBargain.com’s curtain rods come in many different finishes and finials – the decorative ends on curtain rods – and are available in ½”, ¾” and 1¼” rod diameters. In all, BackyardBargain.com has nearly 80 decorative curtain rods to choose from.

“We’ve got a great selection of curtain rods to choose from, and that makes finding a coordinating rod easy for our customers,” said Shah. “We hear all the time how happy our customers are that they have a wide selection to choose from.”

BackyardBargain.com’s philosophy of 100% satisfaction will most likely be the ultimate customer-pleasing influence in assuring their place at the top of the list of curtain rod providers.

Deck and Patio Tiki Torches – An Alternative Summer Lighting Solution

BackyardBargain.com offers a great alternative to outdoor lighting with the new deck and patio torches.

BackyardBargain.com has expanded its line of outdoor tiki torches to include several new deck and patio torches. These new torches bring your favorite island summer lighting right onto your deck or patio.

“These deck and patio torches are really popular with our customers,” said Mr. Rajan Shah, BackyardBargain.com’s V.P.Operation. “All our tiki torches are hot sellers but these deck and patio torches are practically flying off our shelves.”

Instead of having long stakes that push into the ground, these torches have 36” stakes and specialized hardware to allow easy attachment to your deck’s railing. The attached c-clamps on the torches adjust to your rail and hold the tiki torches securely in place while you enjoy the outdoor summer evening.

BackyardBargain.com believes customers are turning more toward this style torch because they’re spending more time at home with family and friends. And tiki torch lighting is easier on the eyes than deck flood lights, making it the lighting of choice for decks and patios.

BackyardBargain.com’s tiki torches use traditional torch fuel, or you can purchase Purple Skeeter Beater, an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable long-lasting fuel for your torches.

Each tiki torch has its own attached snuffer and a lifetime fiberglass wick and their 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.


Hose Bowl: A New Yard Accessory

Would you like to place hose bowl in your garden? Of course they have their place in the world, those hose reels, because they serve a purpose: they keep those unwieldy hoses conveniently wrapper together in one spot. Pretty utilitarian, but they work fairly well. Not very pretty, though, made of durable plastic in colors that could be dubbed Yard Weeds & Blah.

What would you say to a hose holder that is more than utilitarian? One that emphasizes your good taste and complements your attention to detail in your yard – your outdoor living space? Well, we’ve got it. (Drum roll, please.) Introducing the Hose Bowl!

It’s much more than utilitarian, and so much more than just a hose holder. Check this out:

  • Hose Bowls look a little like happy donuts: each one is 18” around and 12” deep, with a middle hub to wrap your hose around.
That’s right – they’re not very big. You can almost wrap your arms around one. Now imagine all the convenient places you can set them in your yard.

  • Hose Bowls are made of steel and finished with powder coating, a painting process that allows the finish to last nearly forever.
That means no repainting every few years because they can’t take the seasonal changes. Hose Bowls not only keep your hoses but they keep their good looks too!

  • You won’t believe this: each beautiful, compact Hose Bowl holds up to 100 feet of your garden hose!
Amazing – almost like they have hidden pockets they tuck all that length into.

  • And don’t fret: the drainage holes will get rid of any excess water from the hoses and Mother Nature.
Yes, not just beautiful but smart too! Any excess water from your hose simple drains away. Rain showers aren’t a problem either: after a storm you don’t have to run out to empty the Bowl – you can find something fun to do instead!

BackyardBargain.com carries Hose Bowls in two fashionable finishes, Caramel and Dark Chocolate, so choosing the right one for your yard is easy. Go ahead – use Hose Bowls in your back yard and enjoy the season in style!


Scented Curtain Tassels – The Best Idea Ever!

You can throw away those plastic air fresheners and get rid of the oil-filled containers cluttering up your tabletops because there’s a new way to freshen the indoors: scented curtain tassels.

Scented curtain tassels are available in a variety of colors and scents, all designed to blend smoothly into your home and lifestyle. For starters, choose your tassel color: Burgundy, Chocolate Blue, Ivory, Rust, Olive, Mahagony – a sampling of some of the colors available.

And scents? Try a scented tassel of Citrus Blast. An energizing scent that will help you wake up in the morning, refresh you mid-day and keep you going before your evening out. This scented curtain tassel smells great anytime!

Or try Ocean Breeze on your scented tassels. For a clean, outdoor, alive scent, it will re-connect your sense of self to Nature, calm those frazzled nerves and walk you to a place of peace and calm. Imagine living with this every day!

Don’t forget to try a scented tassel of Vanilla Spice! You know that great smell of baking cookies? A tassel scented with Vanilla Spice has the same effect. And don’t forget to hang one by your front door so your guests experience the best first impression of your home.

There’s nothing like the remarkable feeling you experience from pulling a scented curtain tassels out of its beautiful packaging. Lifting the flap releases the scent . . . then you grasp the braided hanger cord and pull the tassel gently out . . . and remember the excitement of opening a really wonderful present! Lots of folks say it’s the little things in life.

Still not convinced scented tassels are the best thing since sliced bread? Okay, that’s because you haven’t actually seen one. Scented tassels are four inches long and available with several different finishing. Some are finished simply with braided cording. Others have coordinating beads hanging with the tassels. Others seem to sparkle from tiny beads peeking out. Some scented curtain tassels are embellished with matching ribbons and beads.

If it really is the little things that make life, then you really must scatter scented tassels through your life. All around your house, in the car, at the office and wrapped for any gift-giving occasion.

Enjoy the little things. Scented tassels and you.

Glass Candle Holders: Candles and Holders for the Non-Romantic

Are you thinking to use glass candle holders? Candles and romance are forever tied together, sort of joined at the hip. But if you’re not a true romantic (and let’s face it, most of us only wish we were at convenient times) you probably don’t think about using candles as a primary element in room decorations. But you might want to re-think that.

Candles aren’t the reason to re-think it, though: what you place the candle in is what it’s all about. And think “in”. You can use the usual candle holders that are really just bases to set a candle on . . . or you can step up the style and find glass candle holders that you set a candle in, like a tall glass shape. A sleek fitted bowl. Like adult versions of those tea light cups – with style!

Imagine this: next to your fabulous collection of blue Depression glass you place ten-inch cut glass candle holders. Think about it.

In your eclectic living room (never really left college, did you?) you set three really different candle holders together. Or three identically shaped candleholders in three contrasting colors or three different styles in identical colors (because you really are trying to act grown up).

Dining table – for the holiday centerpiece: use a beautiful footed floating candle bowl as the centerpiece. You can fill it with water and candles, or greenery, napkins, melon balls . . . .

How about Halloween fun? Candles in glass candle holders are the ideal way to add safety and an eerie lighting to your front door.

In that same spirit, they’re wonderful upgrades to the sand-filled paper bags with candles. Use the bags to line your driveway and use candleholders for the porch, deck and entry.

Ugh, that [insert whatever room makes you groan] needs something. Think candleholders. Get one or two in an unusual design, like tall hurricane glasses or rectangular colored glass. Find glass candle holders in unique finishes like mosaic, painted glass or cut aluminum. Use an eye-catching collection of colors, maybe deep moss green, sunshine yellow and burnt orange together.

So that’s it: the best and easiest way to fool those romantics into thinking you’re one of them. And then when you find yourself feeling romantic, well, you’re ready to act like one!

Copper Planters - A Sweet Little Landscaping Secret

Copper planter is a sweet little landscaping secret for your garden. Now you can give your yard that professionally finished look easily - just upgrade to copper planters.

Think about this: what does more to jazz something up than a few carefully chosen details? That’s what copper planters can do for your outdoor spaces. These shiny beauties can turn your landscaping from nice to fantastic simply by sitting quietly around your yard.

Today’s outdoor spaces have evolved well beyond a manicured lawn and a few chairs. In fact, with outdoor kitchens the hottest thing under the sun, people are putting as much consideration into the details of their outdoor spaces as their indoor spaces.

And that’s where online stores come in and going strong, their carefully chosen selection of copper planters is all you need to add the finishing details to your carefully planned outdoor space. Available in small, medium and larger sizes, you can set them individually or group them together – whatever works best for your space.

One great advantage to utilizing copper planters in landscaping schemes is the wide variety of other copper yard and garden accessories available. You can buy matching copper torches, bird baths and more. And for that new outdoor kitchen? You’ve got to check out hammered copper sinks!

Copper planters add a natural “wow” to any decorating style without overwhelming it. They pair beautifully with black iron, stone, glass . . . whatever you can imagine. And if left to their natural inclinations, these copper planters will develop a beautiful natural patina over time.

This little landscaping secret is even greater when you consider how little effort it takes. The hardest part will be deciding what size copper planters you want to use and where to place them.

Can you see it yet? You know that look of admiration and envy on your neighbors’ faces when they see your “new” yard!

Curtain Panels: Time to Notice What’s Hanging on Your Windows!

Think about the Cape Cod house with the billowing white cotton curtain panels. Stays in your mind, doesn’t it? What about the beautiful, heavy curtain tapestry panels that hung in castles? (No, you don’t have to remember why – the cold winter drafts!) Another curtain favorite of many: the door curtain panel softly belted in the middle.

The only time we usually notice the curtains on windows is when they’re really outdated or ratty. That’s sad – for all the time, money and effort put into choosing curtains they should at least be noticeable.

What’s the point? Just this: if we remember some of the bad curtains it’s because we really love some of the good curtains. So wade past those bad memories and discover your true loves of . . . uh, curtains. Well, you get the idea….

So what’s the problem with curtains? Maybe we should look at it another way: what’s right with great curtains?

Think about, for example, those billowing Cape Cod curtains. They’re perfect year-round in warm climates and the look is easily created. For those colder climates this curtain look can be used in just the warmer months when heavier insulated curtains can be taken down for the season. The secret to a really great Cape Cod look? Be sure the fabric is semi-transparent and flows well – a lot of synthetics fabrics don’t.

That brings up another point: don’t be afraid to change out your curtains each season. Why not? It’s a quick, refreshing way to bring life back to a room in the spring, and a warm, inviting way to welcome the holidays and winter in the fall.

Let’s pick another example – a harder one. How about your bath? You want privacy, right? And it should match or complement the d├ęcor. What style are you going with? Here’s a non-traditional thought for a traditional, elegant bath style: why not try a curtain tapestry? It will totally pull your look together like the crown jewels at the ball!

Okay, now let’s go right to the source of contention: the living area. Usually the room’s windows are the largest in the house which also means those sheets of glass are the most expensive to dress. Since there aren’t many affordable, interesting curtain panels out there when you’re looking for miles and miles of them, it’s hard to find anything really great. And once you find something tolerable it usually stays hung on the window long past its due date.

So what can you do? This will take some thinking outside the box, as they say, so start looking for ideas outside the curtain and drapery section. Like in the bedding section. Bath section. Even flooring! Another favorite non-curtain place to look for curtain help: the women’s accessories department. Here are some thoughts to get you going:

• Bedding. Have you seen some of the great bed sheets today? Can you use them as valances or window scarves?
• Bath. There’s nothing like a great bath sheet to cover up with . . . and that’s exactly what your window’s thinking!
• Flooring. Check out some of those area rugs. You may just go home with your next curtain panel!
• Women’s Accessories. So many scarves, so little time. Hang them over the tops of your curtains, use them as tiebacks. Hit the clearance rack for sparkly earrings and hang them like stars on your curtains.

Okay, it’s your turn – time to brighten up your windows with new and interesting curtains. Go for it – see how your windows turn out!

Curtain Accessories You Can not Live Without Holdbacks

By using curtain holdbacks you can jazz up a room that’s lost its spark. And it will take very little time – unless you can’t decide which of the many styles you want!

I knew a woman once who re-arranged the furniture every time she cleaned a room. Said that was the only way the room felt clean to her. Yeowch, that’s a little much for me, but I still like a little change in my life once in a while. Like a good spring cleaning, a little change can make things feel fresh again.

There are some really easy ways to bring that fresh feeling into your home without spring cleaning or re-arranging the furniture. One of the easiest ways is to use curtain holdbacks. You can get a whole-room new look just by installing holdbacks to use with your existing curtains.

Okay, I can hear the cynics shaking their heads. Well, smarties, just try it. Use your hand to drape one side of your curtains back and take a look. Well? It’s surprising how different it looks, right? And that’s what this curtain accessory can do for your rooms.

Holdbacks are actually pieces of hardware that attach to your wall. They’re basically a U shape, although you’ll find creative variations of that shape in the wide variety of holdbacks available. Installed behind each side edge of the curtains, they’re actually hidden behind your curtains when not in use.

And that brings up another point: using holdbacks isn’t the same as painting or wallpapering a room. You’re not “stuck” with the change – you can use these curtain accessories or not use them, it’s your choice! Want to impress your guests at that formal dinner? Use the holdbacks. Having a Sunday football party? Don’t use them – and they’re out of sight!

The best part about curtain holdbacks? They don’t have to cost more than a lunch trip at the drive-through. And with the many, many styles available in so many different finishes you’ll have fun selecting coordinating holdbacks for your all windows!

Go ahead, make the easiest decorating decision of your lifetime and get curtain holdbacks!

Cool Summer Evenings in a Hot Summer – Thanks to Styling Tiki Torches

Want to light up your summer? It’s not too late: you can have the coolest tiki torches for your summer nights!

Yes, really cool, really styling tiki torches. No more bamboo stakes, no more tacky lights . . . these tiki torches will do more than light up your nights. They’ll transform you yard and summer evenings. Not familiar with today’s tiki torches? Well, let’s introduce you! Here are some questions to get you started.

What colors do you have in your yard?

Let’s re-phrase that: besides green grass and flowers, what colors have you chosen to decorate your yard with? Think about the colors of:

Your house siding

Any fencing, patios and decks

Walkways: concrete, treated wood, bricks, pavers, etc.

Patio and deck furniture

Flower pots, bird feeders, etc.

Do you have a committed color scheme in your yard, or is it anything-goes coloring? Once you know you can begin selecting your new tiki torches. . . yes, they come in great colors now: cobalt blue, bronze, red, black, green, steel, amber, copper, smoked glass, honey brown, ocean blue, clear glass . . . .

What kind of finish do you want?

Great tiki torch colors in a variety of materials: glass, copper, and steel – even a selection of mosaic tiki torches!

Do you have a copper roof or trim? That’s your answer: you’ve got to have matching copper torches!

Lots of stained wood on your deck and porch? No problem – metal tiki torches come in caramel, honey brown, bronze, or an antiqued finish.

For a traditional look you may want black finished tiki torches. For a little different look some black torches have clear glass fuel containers!

Mosaic tiki torches? Yes – and in a variety of colors. Try a mirror mosaic to add sparkle to your night and day!

And of course there are several tiki torches with the cool finishes of pewter, stainless steel and nickel plating.

What size works best in your yard?

Yes, let’s repeat that: what size tiki torch do you want? That means you’re not stuck with just the bamboo stick anymore.

Have you heard about deck torches? At 36 inches tall they attach securely to your deck railing. That means you don’t need grass to set up a tiki torch anymore!

How about a set of garden tiki torches? At 16 and 17 inches high you can light up the garden, all the paths and your yard! This size is perfect around your ponds too.

And a favorite: the table torch. Twelve inches tall and more than big enough to light your gatherings, you can match any table setting with the style and color selections available.

Okay, and yes, the traditional tall staked tiki torch. Because we still love them, and we can pair them with other sizes now. Between 60 and 72 inches tall, they still look fabulous in your yard!

Well, that should give you an idea how far tiki torches have come . . . will they make it to your house this summer?