Copper Planters Offer Diversity for Outdoor Spaces

What Better Way to Show Your Taste – Use Copper Planters for All Your Outdoor Needs!
Got ice? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to hold it.

Got beer? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to keep ‘em chilled.

Got fireworks? BackyardBargain.com has the copper planter to hang on to them.

Got fresh summer fruit? BackyardBargain.com has . . . well, you’ve got the idea!

Copper planters are beautiful and useful. Not just for your favorite greenery anymore, BackyardBargain.com encourages its customers to take full advantage of these diverse containers.

“One woman bought a dozen copper planters in different sizes for her outdoor wedding,” said Rajan Shah, BackyardBargain.com’s V.P.Operations. “She used them to hold live gardenias, disposable cameras, even cards on the gift table. And she’s just as excited about using them in her own garden after the wedding because she likes them so much!”

A dozen copper planters may be a few too many for your yard, so BackyardBargain.com recommends starting with one or two planters. If you’re not confident in your decorating skills start by using them as planters. Then, as you enjoy them in your outdoor space, let your imagination go.

Need a bird bath in that corner? Let’s use the copper planter! Oh, the family’s coming – put the kids’ yard toys in that other copper planter. How about chilling Uncle Joe’s lemonade in the other copper planter?

BackyardBargain.com’s copper planters are available in three styles: fluted square, round and flared square. The unfinished copper will develop a beautiful patina over time, or can be polished to retain its natural color.

The best part of using copper planters in your landscaping scheme? When the weather turns cold they can huddle beside you inside, still holding your favorite plants, magazines, beverages . . . .


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