New Green Bio Fuel for Your Tiki Torches

Have you ever heard of The Purple Skeeter Beater? Well, now that you have heard of it you can consider your world turned upside-down and greener than ever!

BackyardBargains.com and Patriot Bio Products, Inc. have partnered up to give you the best of both worlds: the greatest selection of tiki torches on the planet and a green bio fuel!

Look at these specs:

• 100% recycled material (vegetable oil)
• 100% renewable
• Burns clean, environmentally friendly – no pollution at all
• Contains citronella – lighting and mosquito protection
• Burns twice as long as standard torch fuel
• Won’t harm your grass, flowers or any of your landscaping

Your backyard parties will never be the same, and you can brag to your guests that you’re saving the planet while pouring their lemonade! That’s thanks to The Purple Skeeter Beater, one mean and green product that will change your outdoor enjoyment forever.

Let’s talk about this new and interesting fuel. You may have heard about burning vegetable oil in your car’s diesel engine in place of gas. This is the same thing. That same bio fuel can now be used to fuel your tiki torches thanks to a company called Patriot Bio Products, the company that produces The Purple Skeeter Beater.

The Purple Skeeter Beater burns clean – that means no pollution. Period. Patriot Bio Products manufactures The Purple Skeeter Beater to meet the highest quality standards for recycled bio fuel. No more nasty smell from that wicked black smoke swirling around your tiki torches, and no more wondering where it all ends up.

You know, the US has historically been a leader in energy consumption . . . and, unfortunately, pollution. That’s what we get for being a global manufacturing leader. But we’re changing our tune, and especially our way of making stuff, so our energy footprint is slowly decreasing. If each one of us starts small – like using The Purple Skeeter Beater – we’ll make a difference over time.

It may sound like a small thing, using The Purple Skeeter Beater instead of a non-renewable fuel, but when you add up your small thing to your neighbor’s small thing, and add that sum to your community’s, and then to our global efforts – well, it adds up to a lot. And that’s how we’re going to make a difference, one little thing at a time. But back to The Purple Skeeter Beater –

One of the sweet advantages of using The Purple Skeeter Beater is that it’s totally renewable. That’s 100%, in fact. Because where does vegetable oil come from? You guessed it: vegetables! And every year we grow more and more of them. So it’s not at all like drilling, excavating or mining for non-renewable resources like coal, oil and gas. As long as we’ve got ground to plant in and sunshine and rain to nourish, we’ll always have vegetable oil.

And to add more green to an already-green product: The Purple Skeeter Beater burns twice as long as other fuels – and you know what kind of savings that means! Yessiree, we’re all about g-r-e-e-n energy savings . . . Washington, Lincoln, Jackson….

Another advantage of using The Purple Skeeter Beater is you don’t need any other mosquito repellant techniques and tools hanging around your yard to stumble over. You can throw away those candles, sell the zapper in a yard sale and roll up the netting for good. The Purple Skeeter Beater contains citronella, a widely recognized mosquito repellant, so while you enjoy the warm, islander flames you’ll also be enjoying a mosquito-free environment!

And one more advantage for those who are, uh, “balance” challenged: no more dead spots in your lawn from spilled fuel. The Purple Skeeter Beater is totally safe for all your outdoor greenery. That also means you don’t have to worry if you find a fuel spill in the spring from stored torches – and you don’t have to call the Hazmat team to clean up: The Purple Skeeter Beater cleans up with soap and water. And that’s that. You can’t get a better product from a better company.

BackyardBargains.com has a goal of making your life better by providing quality home and garden accessories at the best prices around. In their search to continually improve their offerings to you, they began a partnership with Patriot Bio Company to provide their customers with the best, safest and most eco-friendly fuel for their tiki torches. Backyard Bargains.com is a perfect fit with Patriot Bio Company.

When it comes to providing a safe, friendly renewable fuel source, Patriot Bio Company is leading the pack. Their goal is to help the US wean itself off foreign oil – and their product The Purple Skeeter Beater is only the beginning. Patriot Bio Company also uses recycled plastic bottles because they believe in saving and protecting what we already have.

The Purple Skeeter Beater and the largest selection of tiki torches anywhere . . . what could be a more perfect match than a partnership between Backyard Bargains.com and Patriot Bio Company? Sort of like when syrup and pancakes first met, don’t you think?

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Tiki Torches and Whole Outdoor Decor Ideas

Summer will be here before we know it, and we'll be spending a large amount of time in our outdoor living area or patio. There are many outdoor decor ideas just like outdoor torches, planters, containers, lanterns, aluminum animals and many others.

Copper Planters: Copper planters can transform an uninspiring exterior into a superb wonderland. Turning a patio, terrace or even a deck into a peaceful paradise is made simple. It’s a matter of pooling the appropriate components. When will you think to décor your outdoor area with copper planters so, concentrate on these points. First colors, second plants and foliage, third handcrafted or not last but not in list antique copper planters.

Lanterns: In outdoor decoration and lightning, lanterns are really good way to make your outdoor area impressive. It can really bring exotic feel in combination with the stars in the sky, with everyone looking lovely in moonlight. If you want to enjoy your time outdoors that is even better. Outdoor lanterns can light up your garden, your patio, and your porch with their cozy glow.

Aluminum Animals and Furniture: Aluminum outdoor furniture is beautiful but also long-lasting. Aluminum can stand up to summer and winter conditions. It is even heavy enough to hold up winds that blow and collapse over other patio furniture. Because the furniture is made of aluminum, it will not rust. Most quality aluminum outdoor furniture is powder coated. Powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint to a part that is then placed in an oven. The powder particles melt and coalesce to form a continuous film. These all are related to production of aluminum animals and furniture. Aluminum animals and furniture will put extra glow in your backyard area.

Tiki Torches and Lights: Tiki torches and lights come in a wide variety of types and styles. Simply plug a few of them in around your backyard for the night time look and feel of the tropics. If you really want to bring the tropics to your home then there is nothing better to do this with then a tiki style bar or snack station.

Tiki torches and lights cover a larger area, and can be used especially when you are having guests over for a garden party. Garden tiki torches can be used as accent lights to highlight certain areas of your landscape. These are also available in different shapes, sizes and materials and can add to your property looks.

To know more about tiki torch and outdoor torch visit BackyardBargain.com.

How do I Add Fuel to My Tiki Torch and Safety Instructions

To fill your tiki torch with tiki torch fuel, first unbolt the metal flame guard and wick from the fuel container. Fill fuel container with tiki torches citronella torch fuel only.

Follow the steps that come with your particular tiki torch, or if you don’t have them follow these regular suggestions. Of course, be sure to follow the directions that come with your particular tiki lamp – different tiki torches may have different suggestions as to how to fill them.

1. Do not fill past line marked on bottle.
2. Never use gasoline, kerosene, or other inflammable fuel.
3. Screw flame guard and wick assembly back onto fuel container.
4. Do not over tighten.
5. Place bottle into torch.

Fill up your torch to the fill line (if there is no fill line, be sure to leave at least half an inch between the top of your tiki torch fuel and the top of the lamp). Screw the flame guard and wick back on. The above is just a general suggestion. However, one thing that is important to remember is to only use approved tiki torch fuel in your torches – never use kerosene, gasoline, or any other flammable material (unless recommended by the tiki torch manufacturer).

Tiki Torches Safety instructions:

Keep your fuel supply securely stored. When you’re actively using your tiki torches, fuel and flame will naturally be in close nearness. Absent that, keep flame safely away. Your jug of tiki torch oil should be stored in a cold, dry, well circulate air location. Don’t keep it in your house. Similarly, if you own propane tiki torches keep your extra propane tanks outside, well away from your home and in a fresh or sheltered location.

Always put out your tiki torches when you expect them to be unattended for extended periods. Running inside to take another 6 pack for the cooler is all right. But if you’ve said your farewells to your last guests and are planning to turn in, don’t just leave your torches unattended to flame out. Not only is it a waste of tiki torch oil or propane, but an open and unattended flame is just an open and unattended invitation for tragedy.

Keep a chemical fire extinguisher handy. I consider a fire extinguisher a home safety necessary but it is entirely critical item to have on hand if you entertain with tiki torches. Don’t rely on your faithful hose. Water will only spread tiki torch oil without extinguishing the flame and compound an already terrible condition. A chemical fire extinguisher is the only good alternative.

To know more about tiki torch and outdoor torch visit BackyardBargain.com.

Copper Tiki Torches Creates an Effective and Creative Atmosphere in the Backyard

Today tiki torches are made of almost anything like glass, ceramic, copper, brass, steel, and of course, bamboo. Your outdoor gatherings will never be the same after you set up tiki torches and create some beautiful atmosphere.

Tiki torches are pleasing, but copper tiki torches are more than pleasant, they say style. Copper, in any form, is almost like easily spread a setting sun and holding it forever in an unusual metal. When the fire glints off the copper tiki torches, they become more than just mood illumination, they become the showpiece. It creates an effective and creative atmosphere in the backyard, at the patio and at the entrance, the entire year round.

These torches aren’t turn off because of windy conditions, nor do they cause glowing crumble of paper airborne around. With weather conditions and time, copper tiki torches will eventually attain a verdigris look, which is a slightly greenish mellowing of the copper. Some decorators even try to emulate verdigris colors in new decorations, but it is very hard to emulate. So your copper tiki torches will grow more stylish with time. If you want a tiki torch that will last more than one summer and provide years of delight, then try copper tiki torches.

Copper tiki torches are safe to use if situated away from flammable objects and the children are either taught to stay away from them, or there are limited amounts of children in the area. Copper tiki torches are a great way to light up a garden at night and provide fun decorations for a party. Light up your outdoor party area by copper plated Outdoor garden tiki torch with matching table torch or patio torch. Its easy fill container uses standard lamp oil or citronella torch oil to repel insects.

Each outdoor garden torch comes complete with fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime. And if you encounter other issues, the retailer or manufacturer is always at the service by e-mail, phone, letter or fax.

Therefore, a copper tiki torch is a harmless purchase if you are looking for long life. You will have many years of pleasure from your copper tiki torch.

To know more about tiki torch and outdoor torch visit BackyardBargain.com.

Which kind of window covering is best for your window?

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to pick a window covering. What’ll it be, blinds, curtains, curtain rods, shades . . . ? The choice can be simple – just flip a coin! – but that may not be so smart. Or you can make a smart choice.

How do you do that? It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. Once you’ve got all the pieces in place you can see the picture – or window covering, in this case!

There are just a few “pieces” to your window covering puzzle, so let’s take a look at them. The pieces are light control, function and style. First we’ll get the puzzle’s outside edges in place – light control and function. These are the basics, the foundational pieces to help you make that smart choice. Next we’ll place that final piece, style.

Ought to be easy, right? After all, how hard can a three-piece puzzle be? This isn’t a trick question – it really is this easy! So let’s get started.

To begin we’ll ask a few questions about each puzzle piece. Some of your answers will be automatic – you will just know the answer, and won’t have to think about them. Some questions you’ll have to think about – but hey, this isn’t rocket science, and it’s a whole lot easier than a 1000-piece puzzle!

After we’ve answered the questions we’ll be on to our next step . . . uh, well, there really isn’t a next step. After you’ve answered the questions you’ll have all your answers and will know what kind of window covering and curtain rods you need . . . and the puzzle is done!

So, here we go. Let’s start with light control. This one’s pretty easy, just answer these questions:
• Is this room used for sleeping?
• What kind of privacy do you want at night?

Pretty simple, really. For most windows in most settings we want at least a minimum of light control. After all, most of us live in urban or semi-urban settings and we’re more comfortable with keeping our bizness to ourselves.

The next puzzle piece is function. That means we’ll consider all the details in this window. Here are some questions to get you thinking.
• Is it a really big window or really small?
• Does it open? If it does, which way and how?
• Are there any things that will make hanging a window covering difficult, like its proximity to a corner?

Just take a close look at the window to get the whole picture for function.

These are critical answers that will save you from making a bad decision when you pick out your window covering. You know, like when you’re in a store and really fall in love with something and buy it, but when you get it home realize you should have thought it through ‘cause it’s not right for what you wanted. If you’ve answered these questions you should be able to avoid that mistake . . . (unless you’re a hopeless shopaholic…).

Let’s move on. Style. The Big S. The last puzzle piece to put in place, and the fun one. One question: what’s your style? Okay, two questions: what will look great in the room?

Now match these answers up with your answers from the earlier questions and you’re ready to go shopping! So . . . what’re you waiting for? Let’s cover that window!

Methods of Curtain Rods Selection

Hey, we’re here – are you there? Looking for window covering answers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re not saying we’re experts or anything, but we sorta know a little about window coverings, curtain rods, finials, hold backs, curtains . . . you know, that stuff.

So ask away, but in the meantime we’ll get the ball rolling. And we’ll start with a tough one: curtain rods and never used to be a big thing, finding a curtain rod. That was before the explosion in choices turned the hunt into finding the right curtain rod.

You know, curtain rods used to be easy to pick out: a limited selection of styles and a few basic sizes. It made choosing a curtain rod fairly easy, with few decisions to make. This is simple, in fact.

Not any more. If you haven’t looked lately, you’ll be amazed at the assortment of options available when choosing curtain rods – not only a dramatic improvement in available curtain rod sizes but the variation in styles . . . types . . . accessories . . . . Wow.

Some of you are really excited about all the options, and some of you are heading for the aspirin. No matter what your reaction to the overwhelming selection of curtain rods, most of you will appreciate a little assistance in narrowing your choices of curtain rods. And that’s what we’re here for!

We’ll take you on a journey through the deep jungles of curtain rods (don’t worry; you’ll be home in time for lunch!). You’ll learn how to figure out just what you want and what you should be looking for, all before beginning your curtain rod purchase process!

Even if you don’t know your “style” we’ll help you figure it out. Before you know it you’ll be scrutinizing curtain rods like a pro, knowing just what will look best in your rooms.

And if you already have some idea what you want you’ll get tips on details that will make your new curtain rods the perfect choice for your windows!

So sign in, ask questions, tell everyone what you think – and it doesn’t have to be about curtain rods. What’s on your mind? How can our expertise at BackyardBargains.com help you?

Curtain Rods Selecting the Right Type for Your Window Eat Your Wheaties before Making a Decision

Curtain rods and breakfast cereals have something in common: there are way too many kinds to choose from. How do you narrow down today’s nearly infinite selection of curtain rods – and pick something that looks great?

So today we’ve got . . . choices. Lots of choices: the white metal rods are still available and popular, and have been joined by all sorts of other curtain rods: decorative rods, pressure rods, café rods, traverse rods, sash rods, continental rods, cable rods . . . . Then there are the variations on those: flat rods, round rods, double rods, triple rods, continental corner connectors, combination traverse rods, curved rods . . . .

Get the picture? Sort of makes you feel like you’re walking down the breakfast cereal isle. And just like cereals, the key to finding the right curtain rod knows a little about each one, so let’s make this all a little more handle-able. There are many kinds of rods, but a few basic types.

Basic White Metal Rod. This is the Corn Flakes of curtain rods. They’re sometimes called valance rods and come in flat and round styles. Most of these are somewhat lightweight and made for lighter weight window coverings. Today you can get them as single, double and even triple rods. The double and triple rods are used for a layered look, like a semi-sheer curtain behind a room darkening drape. With a triple rod you can add a valance to your layered coverings.

Traverse rods – the corded variation of the white metal rod, something like Life cereal: still a basic cereal, but pretty tasty. These are usually a little heavier construction and come in sizes that can handle some pretty heavy window coverings. These also come in the single, double and triple variations. And here’s something really cool: you can actually add a motor to these rods to open and close them at the touch of a button!

Pressure rods – can you handle another bowl of Grape Nuts? These are another type of mostly invisible curtain rod. The “pressure” is usually some kind of spring that holds the rod in place with . . . you guessed it: pressure! Not sure what this is? It’s just like some shower curtain rods, the kind you put in place and then twist till they’re tight against the walls. One reason for picking a pressure rod is because you can’t actually permanently attach a rod to the window or wall. Another reason is you want the window treatment to hang inside the frame, and this is the easiest option for that.

Decorative rods will remind you of Kashi granola cereal: they’re great to look at and do a terrific job! They’re also pretty popular, and sometimes called café rods. (Café rods are usually a short decorative curtain rod.) They’re mostly visible and sometimes look like poles that stick out past the curtain. There are several ways to hang drapery from these curtain rods. Sometimes they’re slipped into a pocket on the curtain or drape. Sometimes a ring attached to the curtain hangs from the rod. Some curtains have tabbed tops that slip over the rod, and some regular curtains are clipped onto clip rings that hang from the rod.

Cable rods are a newer type curtain rod. The ends that attach to your wall are visible all the time, but the metal cable that attaches them and holds your curtains is pretty much invisible! This type has as many appropriate uses as any other type curtain rod – the possibilities are nearly endless.

There, that’s better. Now you have knowledge of the basic types of curtain rods, so picking out your next one will be much easier. And if you start panicking, just remember: when in doubt always buy Captain Crunch!