Outdoor Tiki Torches Always a Fun and Enjoyable Addition to Any Home or Party

Today tiki torches are made of almost anything: glass, ceramic, copper, brass, steel, and of course, bamboo. Your preference will depend on your personal taste and your garden or patio decor. But how do you narrow down the choices?

The flames on the tiki torch dance in the warm, evening breeze while the thick, rich scent of island flowers fills the night air and gentle sounds of quiet waves lap the beach. Ahhhh . . . paradise!

And what would paradise be without tiki torches? They just go together so well. A backyard garden or deck wouldn’t be complete without at least one tiki torch! Maybe because they’ve been around so long….

Not so long ago tiki torches were still the primary source of light on many islands. They were constructed of bamboo and fueled with oil. Today, though, tiki torches are made of many different types of materials and even the fuels are varied. Want to know more? Just keep following along!

First decide what style you want. For example, if your tastes are more eclectic or art deco, you might appreciate ceramic tiki torches, usually very colorful. In fact, they can become your focal point instead of just a subtle side light. Since ceramic is breakable you’ll have to be more careful when cleaning and storing these tiki torches.

Another decision: do you want the traditional in-ground variety, table top, floor standing, deck rail attachments or . . . ? Yes, tiki torches have come a long way!

What about fuel sources? Some tiki torches are now battery-operated and have no flame. These torches can be used indoors and outdoors as well. This is an especially intelligent choice when you have a lot of children around, and they look so real it’s hard to tell the difference! And now another choice just in time for the energy crisis – you can get a solar tiki torch!

Oh, but you’re feeling a little exotic? Want to run around your own little patch of “jungle” and sing like Tarzan? Sounds like you’ll want the traditional favorite: the bamboo tiki torch. They’re the original tiki torch and the most authentic . . . you’ll be beating your chest in no time!

All outdoor tiki torches are easy to maintain and store. To clean a bamboo tiki torch you just need mild soap, water, and a rag. When storing your tiki torches, stand them upright if you don’t drain the fuel. You can lay the torches on their sides if you drain and store the fuel separately, but make sure to lay them on tarps or other plastic to prevent scratches to the torches.

Tiki torches
are always a fun and entertaining addition to any home or party. They’re always ready for whatever mood you’re in. Kind of like a really good friend, someone you can just be yourself with . . . while you’re beating your chest and swinging from trees, of course!

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Delightful Summer Evenings with Outdoor Tiki Torches

Many have has valued the use of tiki torches for decorative purposes. Outdoor torches are a great idea to make your gathering great.

Your outdoor gatherings will never be the same after you set up tiki torches and create some beautiful atmosphere. Outdoor tiki torches are an enchanting way to create paradise in your backyard, as long as you use them safely. With a little care, you can prevent accidents and enjoy your outdoor tiki torches worry-free.

The flames on the tiki torches dance in the warm, evening breeze. The scent of Hawaiian Plumes fills the night air, and gentle sounds of quiet waves lap the beach. Ahhhh . . . paradise! Something about tiki torches always seem to invoke this sensation. Why a backyard luau would not be complete without them!

Outdoor tiki torches not only add to the ambiance of your tiki-themed hot recipient, but they also aid in keep annoying bugs away from you and your guests. Outdoor tiki torches are easily made, organized and are wireless to keep decorating simple and your guest secure.

Backyardbargain.com stocks a wide selection of outdoor torches that you can use for your backyard and patio. Our twelve 6 ft tall tiki torches make some pleasant atmosphere in your backyard. It has an L shaped shepherd hook base for easy insertion into the ground. The stem is made out of square pipe and twisted for added elegance. There is a decorative finial that transitions the rod to the can. The can is copper plated under a process to prevent rusting. Each outdoor garden torch comes complete with fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime. There is also a snuffer/cap attached by a chain. When not in use, the torches can be covered to keep out rainwater Light up your outdoor party area by combining this 72 inch ground torch with matching table torch or patio torch. The torches take regular citronella oil or lamp oil. They are very popular for keeping mosquitoes at bay or just decorating the yard.

How to Use Outdoor Decor to fall in Love with Your Backyard

A great yard is like a fabulously decorated home: well thought out, designed and put together. Outdoor decor is the primary element for making that great yard happen.

If you're staring at a pathetic excuse for a yard or just want to change the decor, be sure to start with a plan. Answer the questions below to decide on your plan, and you'll be on the path to creating your perfect backyard living space.

What's your style?

With the extensive array of outdoor decor available today, this is your first and most important decision. Have you ever fallen in love with something in a store just to bring it home and discover it doesn't fit in anywhere? So look at what's available in outdoor decor first – the styles are nearly endless, and you may fall in love with something you'll want to design your backyard around.

What do you want to use the space for?

This is the second most important question to answer. Talk to everyone in the house and brainstorm together. You may want to keep the entire outdoor space in thick, green grass just for putting practice. Or you may want to have a decor for kids and another decor for adults. Do you cook outdoors, have a green thumb? How about an area for your pets? Want to show off your collection of garden statues?

What color is your, uh, umbrella?

Or outdoor serving dishes? Or favorite chair cushions? Maybe you've found that fabulous yard thing that decides the color for you – outdoor decor items can easily help you pick a palate. Remember to consider colors already outside: siding and trim on existing buildings and fences, landscaping, maybe even the color of a neighbor's garage.

Lighting – huh?

Yes, think about this – don't make the mistake of forgetting about outdoor lighting till it's too late. Plan for brighter lighting where you walk, cook and play, and softer lighting for entertaining and conversation. What about pond lighting – do you want lighting in the water, around it or maybe hanging over it? Outdoor lighting options today are fantastic – you can choose from traditional wired fixtures, solar power, candles, lanterns and an expanded selection of tiki torches, including a new table top design.

The Basics of Window Coverings Hang It Up and Close It

Window coverings are both functional and decorative: they let fresh air in, allow you to see outside activity, complete the design of your room and – from the outside – add to the finished look of your home’s exterior.

Window coverings can lower your heating and cooling bills, give you privacy and block harmful rays from the sun – even the sheerest draperies will give your furniture some insurance against fading.

Window Coverings are drapery panels, curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, louvers – they literally “cover” the window. They come in any fabric, color and style you can imagine. There are many options to accessorize your window coverings: curtain rods, tiebacks, hold backs, valances, tassels – all available in whatever decorating style you prefer! This article will explain what these accessories are and how they can be used.

Curtain Rods – the most familiar form for holding curtains and draperies in place. Some styles are purely functional, but many today are designed to be part of your window’s decorating scheme. The materials are varied: they are made from wood, plastics and metals, and available in colors that will fit your room, and are available in single and double rod styles.

Tiebacks are used on hanging curtains and draperies, usually to hold them to a side of the window, but can also tie a panel in the middle of an expanse of glass. Some tiebacks are attached to a hook on the wall behind the curtain; others are simply tied around the curtain. Like the hold back, a tieback can be invisible when not in use.

Hold backs are U-shaped pieces of metal that anchor to your wall. The open top of the “U” faces away from the drapery, which can then be nestled into the body of the U. When not in use the hold back is hidden behind the curtain.

Valances are a great window accessory – they often serve to give your window decoration that finished look and easily reinforce your decorating scheme. A valance can be made of the same fabric as your window covering, or you can choose a coordinating color. How about a contrasting color to liven things up?

Tassels can fancy up a window in no time! They are often used on valances and tiebacks to add instant elegance. You can also get tassels on pillows and chair ties, and they’re combined with a wide variety of materials: beads, cording, ribbon, fringes, lace and even buttons!

This not-anywhere-near exhaustive list of window covering descriptions is just the beginning to discovering the exciting opportunities available for your home’s windows. So when it comes to your window coverings, get ready to hang it up – and close it!