The Basics of Window Coverings Hang It Up and Close It

Window coverings are both functional and decorative: they let fresh air in, allow you to see outside activity, complete the design of your room and – from the outside – add to the finished look of your home’s exterior.

Window coverings can lower your heating and cooling bills, give you privacy and block harmful rays from the sun – even the sheerest draperies will give your furniture some insurance against fading.

Window Coverings are drapery panels, curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, louvers – they literally “cover” the window. They come in any fabric, color and style you can imagine. There are many options to accessorize your window coverings: curtain rods, tiebacks, hold backs, valances, tassels – all available in whatever decorating style you prefer! This article will explain what these accessories are and how they can be used.

Curtain Rods – the most familiar form for holding curtains and draperies in place. Some styles are purely functional, but many today are designed to be part of your window’s decorating scheme. The materials are varied: they are made from wood, plastics and metals, and available in colors that will fit your room, and are available in single and double rod styles.

Tiebacks are used on hanging curtains and draperies, usually to hold them to a side of the window, but can also tie a panel in the middle of an expanse of glass. Some tiebacks are attached to a hook on the wall behind the curtain; others are simply tied around the curtain. Like the hold back, a tieback can be invisible when not in use.

Hold backs are U-shaped pieces of metal that anchor to your wall. The open top of the “U” faces away from the drapery, which can then be nestled into the body of the U. When not in use the hold back is hidden behind the curtain.

Valances are a great window accessory – they often serve to give your window decoration that finished look and easily reinforce your decorating scheme. A valance can be made of the same fabric as your window covering, or you can choose a coordinating color. How about a contrasting color to liven things up?

Tassels can fancy up a window in no time! They are often used on valances and tiebacks to add instant elegance. You can also get tassels on pillows and chair ties, and they’re combined with a wide variety of materials: beads, cording, ribbon, fringes, lace and even buttons!

This not-anywhere-near exhaustive list of window covering descriptions is just the beginning to discovering the exciting opportunities available for your home’s windows. So when it comes to your window coverings, get ready to hang it up – and close it!


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