Hose Bowl: A New Yard Accessory

Would you like to place hose bowl in your garden? Of course they have their place in the world, those hose reels, because they serve a purpose: they keep those unwieldy hoses conveniently wrapper together in one spot. Pretty utilitarian, but they work fairly well. Not very pretty, though, made of durable plastic in colors that could be dubbed Yard Weeds & Blah.

What would you say to a hose holder that is more than utilitarian? One that emphasizes your good taste and complements your attention to detail in your yard – your outdoor living space? Well, we’ve got it. (Drum roll, please.) Introducing the Hose Bowl!

It’s much more than utilitarian, and so much more than just a hose holder. Check this out:

  • Hose Bowls look a little like happy donuts: each one is 18” around and 12” deep, with a middle hub to wrap your hose around.
That’s right – they’re not very big. You can almost wrap your arms around one. Now imagine all the convenient places you can set them in your yard.

  • Hose Bowls are made of steel and finished with powder coating, a painting process that allows the finish to last nearly forever.
That means no repainting every few years because they can’t take the seasonal changes. Hose Bowls not only keep your hoses but they keep their good looks too!

  • You won’t believe this: each beautiful, compact Hose Bowl holds up to 100 feet of your garden hose!
Amazing – almost like they have hidden pockets they tuck all that length into.

  • And don’t fret: the drainage holes will get rid of any excess water from the hoses and Mother Nature.
Yes, not just beautiful but smart too! Any excess water from your hose simple drains away. Rain showers aren’t a problem either: after a storm you don’t have to run out to empty the Bowl – you can find something fun to do instead!

BackyardBargain.com carries Hose Bowls in two fashionable finishes, Caramel and Dark Chocolate, so choosing the right one for your yard is easy. Go ahead – use Hose Bowls in your back yard and enjoy the season in style!


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