Simply Beautiful: Wall Sconces Add Interest and Beauty

Wall sconces are coming back - they’re on the verge of being one of the hottest accessories in today’s home decorating arena. And you don’t have to wait until wall sconces are at their peak of popularity to add them to your home décor.

You also don’t have to hire an electrician to hang a wall sconce in your home - just use sconces made to hold candles instead of light bulbs. The flexibility this non-electric sconce offers is unparalleled: you can hang a candle wall sconce anywhere you have a stable vertical surface!

Wall sconces are popular for several reasons.

They add immediate interest to a wall.

They offer an alternative lighting source.

They can be found in any style to match your decor: traditional, contemporary, Victorian, country, European…

The interesting variety available today gives you the opportunity to create a whole decorating scheme around the great wall sconces you’ll discover!

They’re a safer alternative to candle holders set on tables.

The safety features a candle wall sconce offers are incomparable to a candle holder if you have children or pets. Attached firmly to a wall out of reach, you never have to worry about curious fingers or wagging tails reaching your candles - and that means no spills, no breaks, no worries!

Wall sconces are an easy way to add that final touch, the element of interest to your rooms. One great place for a wall sconce is up the stairway walls. If you have photos and frames hanging in your stairway, that’s even better – mix the wall sconces right in for added depth and interest.

Another great location for a wall sconce is around your bathtub. It’s the perfect alternative to candle holders set on the tub’s edge: no worries about knocking it into the water. Oh-h-h, you can feel the bubbles and smell the fragrances as you begin melting into the soft lighting already!

Wall sconces are so easy to use anyone can add them to their home decor with success, and anyone with decorating genius is hanging theirs right now. Go ahead; get in on the excitement of adding interest and beauty to your home today with your own selection of wall sconces!


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