Outdoor Fire Pit: Grilling for the Big Game

If you’re having a Super Bowl party at your place this year you’ll be serving up food to some hungry guests. How about making this a great party and using your grill for the food? If you really want to wow them, pull out your fire pit and use it for the food. In fact, you could sit around the pit and watch the game! That way the cook doesn’t miss anything.

Here are some food ideas for your Bowl party.


Chili Cheese Dogs. Let your guests cook their own dogs over the fire pit, then slap them in buns and add chili, cheese, onions and whatever else you want. (Then, of course, just wait for that instant replay…!)


How about a big plate of hot wings with celery and dip! Add lots of extras – like seasoned grilled onions, grilled potato wedges with dips, grilled kabobs. Keep the pre-cooked wings hot on the pit - everything else can be cooked on the fire pit and served right from there!


Set out a variety of apps: chips, dips, nuts – anything you can eat with your hands. If you’ve got a big group set out two bowls of each. Just for fun you can serve one batch of apps in the first half and get out different apps for the second half.


What’s your local favorite? This is the time to serve it up! Barbeques, sausages, wild game, seafood – whatever your part of the country has an abundance of and serves proudly. Not sure? Ask your local grocer what they recommend.


What could be better than pulled pork sandwiches and hot baked beans? Both these dishes can be prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy the pre-game shows. You and your guests can grill your buns over the fire before making the sandwiches. Don’t forget the pickles, onions, dips – grilled potato wedges would be a great addition too.


Steak, of course, and plenty of it. Be sure to throw some potatoes and onions on the grill before the steaks so they’re ready at the same time. If you’re not handy at grilling, ask the best griller in the crowd to oversee the steak grilling so everyone gets theirs cooked exactly how they like it.


How about letting your guests do their own grilling, make their own kabobs? Prepare a bowl full of foods cut and prepared for grilling: seasoned steak, marinated onions, seasoned bread cubes, etc. With grilling sticks for each guest you can all relax right around the outdoor fire pit for the game.

One last idea: have all the makings for S’More ready. Those guests will love this sweet addition to the party. So let everyone know where the Big Game party’s at this year and plan to have a great time watching your favorite team play at the Bowl.


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