Visible Curtain Rods Selecting the Right Type for Your Window

Visible, Invisible . . . How do I choose?

What difference does it make if your curtain rod is visible or not? A lot! Just like the necklace, scarf or tie you pick to complete your day’s outfit, your choice of curtain rod completes your window covering and complements (hopefully!) your room’s decorating style. A curtain rod really has the ability to make or break your whole room’s look.

So let’s take a look at one of the first decisions you’ll make when picking out a new curtain rod: visible or invisible rods. And that requires a clarification: the invisible rods really aren’t totally invisible. The mostly invisible rods are completely covered – invisible – only when the drapes or curtains are closed. When your curtains are open part of the rod is visible. In other words your curtain rod still needs to complement your d├ęcor whether it’s mostly visible or mostly invisible.

Mostly visible rods are at least partially visible even when your window coverings are closed. When your drapes or curtains are open they’re totally visible, and play a big part in your decorating statement. How do you know which to pick?

Before you read further, it’s confession time. We’re a little biased – but for good reason. You see, some draperies are made to hang from mostly invisible curtain rods. But not all. And this is where our bias comes in: the way we figure it, if you’re going to see all or part of the curtain rod at one time or another, why not pick one you love looking at? Why should you ever have to stare at a long, white metal rod (read: not pretty)? Okay, now you know our little secret, so read on –

Back to that question: how do you know whether to pick visible or invisible? Let’s ask another question first: what kind of window coverings are you using? Like we said, some curtains require the invisible rod called a traverse rod. Pleated drapes are made to attach to hooks that hang from this curtain rod and open-and-close by pulling the cord hanging down one side. So if you’ve got pleated draperies you’ve already got your answer: use the traverse curtain rod.

For all other drape and curtain styles we recommend a visible curtain rods just because it give you the advantage of emphasizing your style. That could mean choosing a natural wood that matches the carved wooden elephant coffee table (everyone has one, right?). Or hanging a gold-toned curtain rod to complement the warm tones in your room. What about using a colorful metal curtain rod to go with that casual, playful look in the sun room?

You can see how a decorative, mostly visible curtain rod can be a great choice for your window, and even if your guests never had a clue your choice can show them what a great decorator you really are!


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